What is Love?

What does love look like
depends on the heart that perceives
Is it exciting and new like a rainbow
bursting forth with many hues
a fluttering heart dancing
colors of red, green, orange, and blue

What does love look like
depends on the heart that perceives
Is it passionate like a tumultuous ocean
stirred up by gusty winds
crashing against the rocky coast
eroding emotions within

What does love look like
depends on the heart that perceives
Is it that old man still wanting to hold his wifes hand
and after so many years together
there’s no other woman he would want to stand by his side

Or a smile given when not planned
when a mother watches her child dance in the rain
taking pleasure in innocence
simply entertained

To answer my question

I have come to conclude

seasonal love is a fleeting feeling

long lasting love are actions in pursuit

Timing is Everything

With a rainbow in the sky

and the promise of light

when our eyes first met

It just wasn’t right

Everything seemed good

as perfect as can be

but the problem was never you

it was always just me

These lifeless eyes blinded

by past fears and insecurities

never allowing love in fully

as it was intended to be

For the very wish longed prayed for

was the one I couldn’t see

distracted by other dim lights

but the brightest not worthy of me

and in regret I will entreat

that blind eyes begin to see

the beautiful truth I pushed away

that was always destined for me

Can life offer second chances

will grace be kind to agree

that rare kind of love that came into my life

was a missed opportunity

So here I am doing innerwork

to set my mind free

self-sabotage is real

it was never about you

it was always just me


you are a blessing

It Rains in July

“You will evolve past certain people. Let yourself.”– Mandy Hale

When sunflowers bloom

And the grass grows knee high

Who would’ve thought

It rains in July

The warmth of the sun

As sparrows fly by

A turn of the weather

A final goodbye

The summer is ending

The ground has grown dry

This love has gone jaded

It rains in July

Hearts are now fragile

You turned a blind eye

The season is over

It rains in July

Conversation with the Moon

As I gaze upon the heavenlies
A sphere of radiant light
Splitting open the evening sky
An illumination so bright

In latin it’s name is “Luna”
In greek they say “Selene”
The times I’ve had
conversing with the moon
Revealing secrets unseen

New hopes & past disappointments
Dreams that reach sky high
Whispers of things that no one else hears
Just between the moon and I

For that orb of night
Shares a glimmer of light
For anyone who draws near thy
As twilight falls
Watching over thee
Goodnight, sweet lullaby


I arrived at a crossroad

where two paths diverge

which road do I choose?

which way do I go?

Why am I blinded in seeking…

I don’t know

Do I use mind over heart?

or follow heart over mind?

as I take two steps forward

leaving the past behind

Because no one really tells you

there’s freedom in movement

and life will be fine


for what is seen as an “end”

has only just begun

crossing over to new beginnings

this test in life I won


Ancient of days

what would you say

to the one who has passed you

along the way

Do you have tales

on men of old

who have traveled your path

as history unfolds

Have you seen wars

tribulation and love

the chronicles of humanity

in the makings of

Memories you’ve witnessed

the worse and best of mankind

recorded in the annuals of nature

and preserved throughout all time


A Mother’s Love

Not a day goes by

that I don’t think of you

imagining your sweet face

so pure and true

sometimes I wonder if you’d looked like me

the color of your hair

those beautiful eyes

the shape of your nose

or your tiny smile

I bet you would be sassy, spirited, and smart

just like your sister

Or adventerous, down to earth, and funny

just like your brother

Oh these thoughts of you

brings me joy

as I carry you in my heart

for one sweet day

I’ll see you again

my precious angel

my baby love

my little garden of Eden