Timing is Everything

With a rainbow in the sky

and the promise of light

when our eyes first met

the timing wasn’t right

everything seemed okay

as perfect as can be

but the problem was never you

it was always just me

these lifeless eyes blinded

by past insecurities

never allowing love in fully

as it was intended to be

for the very wish I longed for

was the one I couldn’t see

distracted by those other dim lights

and the brightest I thought wasn’t worthy of me

so in regret I entreat

that blinded eyes now see

the beautiful truth I pushed away

was always destined for me

can life offer second chances

will grace be kind to agree

that rare kind of love that came into my life

was a missed opportunity

so here I am doing innerwork

to set my mind free

because self-sabotage is real

it was never about you

it was always just me


you are a blessing!

Published by Hawaii Nature Love Poetry Collective

When photos and words come togetheršŸ¤ž Please enjoy my love of nature through photography and writing.

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