The Lovers

Sheltered by mountain veil nourished by misty rains an awakening of the heart of lehua a blossom of flaming red born of fire some have said united in love to ʻōhiʻa hearts forever entwined fate predefined his strength is what sustains her But it is often said plucking this blossom will bring ahead misty rainsContinue reading “The Lovers”

New Beginnings

Change is here time has spoken my moment to rise space is broken Divinely purposed burdened to bear painful truth heart unspared Kept in silence alone and confounded darkness has passed re-rooted and grounded New eyes, new strength, new me endless possibilities solo jubilee! Radiant wings of color gladly earned inductee into the hall ofContinue reading “New Beginnings”

Bourgeoisie (Hawaiian Monk Seal)

Caught red handed surfing the sea this young monk seal sneaking up on me with big black eyes as curious can be coming in stealth and fancy free Such a confident posture held to a T with an attitude of “you ain’t got nothing on me” built like a torpedo no common fish from theContinue reading “Bourgeoisie (Hawaiian Monk Seal)”