As sunset glistens upon the sand

and billowing waves flow hand in hand

long lost dreams resurface again

kept in safety

in the promised land

a desire within

that wants to be birthed

but timings not right

to see it’s full worth

then out of the depths of ocean blue vaults

arises old dreams

once brought to a halt

that same passion

that same fervor

locked away long ago

is now set free

to be imagined

and to see dreams start to grow


It’s time to get your feet wet

standing on edge

taking that dive

Saying to yourself

“I’m feeling alive”

It’s time to get your feet wet

back in the game

and jumping right in

you’ve met rock bottom

but you’re starting again

It’s time to get your feet wet

dreams are still alive

you’re vision still calls to you

strength of spirit being revived

It’s time to get my feet wet

taking that leap of faith

choosing to believe there’s better in life

risking it all with a passionate embrace

The Lovers

Sheltered by mountain veil

nourished by misty rains

an awakening of the heart of lehua

a blossom of flaming red

born of fire some have said

united in love to ʻōhiʻa

hearts forever entwined

fate predefined

his strength is what sustains her

But it is often said

plucking this blossom will bring ahead

misty rains

her tears are shed

separating the lovers ʻōhiʻa and lehua

New Beginnings

Change is here

time has spoken

my moment to rise

space is broken

Divinely purposed

burdened to bear

painful truth

heart unspared

Kept in silence

alone and confounded

darkness has passed

re-rooted and grounded

New eyes, new strength, new me

endless possibilities

solo jubilee!

Radiant wings of color

gladly earned inductee

into the hall of metamorphosis

I am an honoree

Bourgeoisie (Hawaiian Monk Seal)

Caught red handed

surfing the sea

this young monk seal

sneaking up on me

with big black eyes

as curious can be

coming in stealth

and fancy free

Such a confident posture

held to a T

with an attitude of

“you ain’t got nothing on me”

built like a torpedo

no common fish from the sea

I’m “native” to these islands

the original VIP

So if you see me basking on the sand

or laying on the reef

I acknowledge you

and you acknowledge me

space is what I desire

to live & be care free

try carrying “endangered species” on your back

and not behaving bourgeoisie

Fly On

Can’t you see

this magic of happiness that exudes out of me?

Where does it come from?

How could this be?

Can strength be found in my leaves?

for they are quite steardy

gently tossed to and fro

like a dancer in the tradewinds

a graceful hula show

Or maybe it’s strength found in my stem?

reaching heights 6 feet or 10

Or could it be strength when faced towards the East

in greeting the sun

whose warmth is released

A feeling of exuberance

nurturing light high in the sky

I know where happiness comes from now

It’s found within

I’m ready to fly