Bromeliads bloom only once in their lifetime

In a moment

In a memory

Or in a dream

A question pops up every now and then

Am I living life to the fullest?

Will I go the distance in the end?

Am I living life the best that it can be?

or going with the trends of this world

existing as a wannabe

Am I choosing my own path?

In a moment

In a memory

In creating a dream

To each it’s own

I am unique

Not walking anyone elses destiny

but living a life designed for me


A reflection of light

softly upon the ocean at night

mirroring the tried and true

a masquerade upon the hues of blue

a revelation of genuineness

the authentic you

the ocean that cleanses

exposing a truth

the counterfeit image

a hoax to the world

the very thing that imprisoned

was self gratification preserved

so be real, be tangible

who you were born to be

the world doesn’t care

about a fake V.I.P.