Reflection 2019

Looking into reflective waters another year comes to an end like a sunrise and a sunset time continuously transcends The rising of the morning sun when things are so brand new beginning a fresh journey in life with lots of hope coming through And as time moves on like ripples of water quickly flowing downstreamContinue reading “Reflection 2019”

Dear Friend

In this journey of life there are many faces that will cross your path in different places of stages in life some stay and some go you can count on one hand those who remain know to hold someones heart is a privilege from above not to be trampled but protected in love when you’reContinue reading “Dear Friend”


Remember when you were young in spirit venturing away no cares of the world only dreams of play Remember when your childlike exploits were innocent and pure adventerous and curious confident and assured Remember when nothing could stop that fire inside the world was your oyster intuition your guide Remember when your voice was enoughContinue reading “Remember”

Going the Distance

A flock of seabirds frolicking in the sand mimicking one another playing catch me if you can As one takes off into the air it’s joined by a dozen more gliding over rippling waves ready to explore The vastness of the coral reefs full of little surprises landing to feed just a bit as theContinue reading “Going the Distance”

The Lavender Tree

There once stood a lavender tree distinct from all the rest it had no leaves nor bore no fruit but thriving nonetheless With roots deeply grounded blanketed in the same green grass unequal in beauty to it’s towering neighbors but whose foundation could not surpass The sturdiness of the lavender tree with branches reaching openContinue reading “The Lavender Tree”