I arrived at a crossroad

where two paths diverge

one to the right and one to the left

never meant to converge

I’m blinded in seeking

which direction to choose

Do I use mind over heart?

the latter is justly pursued

So I take two steps forward

then one step back

finding freedom in movement

getting life back on track

Because what I thought was the end

has only just begun

new beginnings are waiting for me

this test in life I won


As sunset glistens upon the sand

and billowing waves flow hand in hand

long lost dreams resurface again

kept in safety

in the promised land

A desire within

that wants to be birthed

but timings not right

to see it’s full worth

Then out of the depths of ocean blue vaults

arises old dreams

once brought to a halt

That same passion, that same fervor

locked away long ago

more than can be imagined

when you see dreams start to grow