For Two Are Better Than One

I can hear the gentle waters flowing through rocks and bends carrying a whisper of peace for times of refreshing intend to break unhealthy cycles in a world of make pretend when humanities hope will fall and turn from self reliance to friend for two are better than one fighting the good fight to theContinue reading “For Two Are Better Than One”

It Rains in July

When sunflowers bloom And the grass grows knee high Who would’ve thought It rains in July The warmth of the sun As sparrows fly by A turn of the weather A final goodbye The summer is ending The ground has grown dry This love has gone jaded It rains in July Hearts are now fragileContinue reading “It Rains in July”

Conversation with the Moon

As I gaze upon the heavenliesA sphere of radiant lightSplitting open the evening skyAn illumination so bright In latin it’s name is “Luna”In greek they say “Selene”The times I’ve hadconversing with the moonRevealing secrets unseen New hopes & past disappointmentsDreams that reach sky highWhispers of things that no one else hearsJust between the moon andContinue reading “Conversation with the Moon”


I arrived at a crossroad where two paths diverge which road do I choose? which way do I go? Why am I blinded in seeking… I don’t know Do I use mind over heart? or follow heart over mind? as I take two steps forward leaving the past behind Because no one really tells youContinue reading “Crossroads”


Ancient of days what would you say to the one who has passed you along the way Do you have tales on men of old who have traveled your path as history unfolds Have you seen wars tribulation and love the chronicles of humanity in the makings of Memories you’ve witnessed the worse and bestContinue reading “Sage”

The Gift

Beyond that great horizon that separates earth from sky lies the Sun in all it’s brilliance as Cumulus floats on by A luminous orb of light Helios wildly shines rays like chariots of fire piercing quick and divine and then the Sol meets it’s equal standing at Neptunes door where once it’s light was blindingContinue reading “The Gift”

Caramel Skies

As I gaze upon caramel skies with strands of gold and blue dancing upon the ocean waves a secret rendezvous Both hand in hand warmth and peace a pair that’s tried and true pirouetting across glassy waves preparing for the new starry night in all it’s glory where wishes and dreams come true caramel skiesContinue reading “Caramel Skies”

Dear Friend

In this journey of life there are many faces that will cross your path in different places of stages in life some stay and some go you can count on one hand those who remain know to hold someones heart is a privilege from above not to be trampled but protected in love when you’reContinue reading “Dear Friend”