The Gift

Beyond that great horizon that separates earth from sky lies the Sun in all it’s brilliance as Cumulus floats on by A luminous orb of light Helios wildly shines rays like chariots of fire piercing quick and divine and then the Sol meets it’s equal standing at Neptunes door where once it’s light was blindingContinue reading “The Gift”


A new day has come where blue skies are bluer green grass is greener and harsh winds has become gentler as it brushes against my face The chirp of the birds are cheerier the light of the sun much brighter and the rough ocean water now cleanses as it trickles down my skin The flowContinue reading “Breathe”


Remember when you were young in spirit venturing away no cares of the world only dreams of play Remember when your childlike exploits were innocent and pure adventerous and curious confident and assured Remember when nothing could stop that fire inside the world was your oyster intuition your guide Remember when your voice was enoughContinue reading “Remember”

Going the Distance

A flock of seabirds frolicking in the sand mimicking one another playing catch me if you can As one takes off into the air it’s joined by a dozen more gliding over rippling waves ready to explore The vastness of the coral reefs full of little surprises landing to feed just a bit as theContinue reading “Going the Distance”

The Lavender Tree

There once stood a lavender tree distinct from all the rest it had no leaves nor bore no fruit but thriving nonetheless With roots deeply grounded blanketed in soft green grass unequal in beauty to it’s towering neighbors but whose roots could not surpass The sturdiness of the lavender tree with branches reaching open skyContinue reading “The Lavender Tree”

The Lovers

Sheltered by mountain veil nourished by misty rains an awakening of the heart of lehua a blossom of flaming red born of fire some have said united in love to ʻōhiʻa hearts forever entwined fate predefined his strength is what sustains her But it is often said plucking this blossom will bring ahead misty rainsContinue reading “The Lovers”