Moonlit Sky

An ole storm is passingwith drizzles of rain nearbytwilight starts to fallas milky clouds roll bythe caress of a gentle breezecrosses the moonless skytiny beams of shimmering lightssparkle like the fourth of Julyfor the tempest has moved onand the stars start to alignshining like beacons of lighthigh in the moonlit sky


A new day has come where blue skies are bluer green grass is greener and harsh winds has become gentler as it brushes against my face The chirp of the birds are cheerier the light of the sun much brighter and the rough ocean water now cleanses as it trickles down my skin The flowContinue reading “Breathe”


Remember when you were young in spirit venturing away no cares of the world only dreams of play Remember when your childlike exploits were innocent and pure adventerous and curious confident and assured Remember when nothing could stop that fire inside the world was your oyster intuition your guide Remember when your voice was enoughContinue reading “Remember”